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Hello! We are Patrick & Kate, an eccentric married couple that started creating music together when we met 5 years ago! Our story began at an open mic in our hometown of Torrington, CT. Since then we released our first album, several singles, played in MA, NY, & CT, and have made a few new friends along the way! Today, we reside in Boston, MA, ready to make waves in a new music scene while building an audience in the MA, CT, RI, & NH areas. Sharing a love for pop music, Kate incorporates her jazz/funk roots into her singing and songwriting, and Patrick brings his music production skills plus a niche for electro to the mix.

Happy Holidays! We appreciate your love and support. "Feeling Like Christmas" is out now for listening and purchase.  


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Upcoming Shows

Previous events

Date Event Location
 —  — Live Outdoors @ Hawkridge Winery Hawkridge Winery, Watertown, CT Hawkridge Winery, Watertown, CT
Private Event  
 —  — Social Distanced @ Time Out Market Time Out Market, Boston, MA Time Out Market, Boston, MA
 —  — Private Event North Chatham, MA North Chatham, MA
 —  — Live Outdoors @ The Pour Yard The Pour Yard, Quincy, MA The Pour Yard, Quincy, MA
 —  — Mockingbirds Masters: Pop/Rock Performance Hub USA, Torrington, CT Performance Hub USA, Torrington, CT
 —  — Patrick and Kate on AIM for a Better Tomorrow's Telethon AUER Farm, Brookfield, CT AUER Farm, Brookfield, CT
Patrick and Kate @ Performance Hub Performance Hub USA, Torrington Performance Hub USA, Torrington
 —  — Patrick and Kate @ The Elks Elks, Torrington Elks, Torrington
Patrick & Kate Single Release iTunes, Spotify, Amazon iTunes, Spotify, Amazon



"...their vocal duet, made unique by the juxtaposition of Kate’s sweet touch and Patrick’s loud tone, who give life to a sparkling and addictive number thanks to the chemistry of people who share more than a love for music."


"The single [You Made Me That Way], which combines synth with musical instruments, feels very compact, blending well into their duet vocals."